Free Money Making Websites: Are They Really Free?

There are all kinds of tricks floating around the internet that claim to be free and make money, but do they really make you money or do they end up costing you money? Let’s face it, some people will do and say anything to access the contents of your bank account. The rule of thumb to follow in most cases is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Keep in mind that there are some honest companies that will treat you well. The problem for most people is that they meet all the bad guys before they meet the good guys and as a result the bad guys burn them over and over again and then when the good guys finally come in most people just lets them pass. because they have been burned by many others in the past. People looking for a way to make money on the Internet instinctively know that there is a lot of money to be made if they find the right opportunity. My best advice would be to never give up. Just get smarter by actually doing your research before you get involved with the so-called free money-making opportunity. Many times the opportunity will turn out to be anything but free.
If you see headlines stating that the opportunity is free, simply demand to see the proof. If they brood on the subject or don’t answer your questions, you can bet it’s not really free. The people who operate the opportunity should be able to be contacted and should be able to easily show you that what they offer is really free. Don’t be fooled by their strong armed tricks or tactics.
I once saw a headline that said “Automatically converts $ 49.00 to $ 8,900.00” was on a postcard I received in the mail. I started laughing and thinking “yeah right”. I wondered how many people had actually responded to this postcard. I had make money online to investigate as my curiosity got the best of me. I found out that the $ 49.00 was actually the monthly fee for this money generating program and then to earn the $ 8,900.00 I had to spend over $ 2,400.00 a month in advertising costs along with sending this same postcard to a minimum of 200 people each. month. The response rate was surprisingly high. On a 200-piece shipment, they actually got a 10% response rate, and in some cases even higher. People reply to these types of emails simply because they think to themselves wow, maybe this could work for me or me, if I can turn $ 49.00 into more than $ 8900.00. I’ll be set up for life … maybe this is the one. Be wary of those who advertise these outrageous claims. These types of people who run these types of scams know that people are desperate and looking for an easy way out. They take advantage of people, it’s that simple. Know this right now, there is no easy way to achieve financial freedom. Should I pay for the websites? The answer is no. Websites are automatically replicated by software. The business may have a cost initially, but the ongoing cost is practically zero. So never pay for websites. Don’t believe that excuse.
Should you pay to earn money? In other words, should you pay a company money in order to make money? The answer is no. Do not do it and I repeat do not pay a company a monthly fee to make money with them. The company uses that money to pay people in its compensation plan and the money that is not paid goes directly to the company. This is very common among MLM or network marketing companies and in fact they tread a very slippery slope on many levels with regulatory bodies. Nuff said about that.